Mr. Vincent Chan
  • Description of Invention

    Did u know the human population will increase between 8 to 10.5 million by the years 2050? And that is only 30 years from now. When there are increasing in the numbers of human population for sure there will be an increasing number of lands n resources that r going to use for food production. The increasing number of livestock demanded will bring harm to the environment as these livestock are responsible for 18% of producing the greenhouse gas emissions. The solution that Sagolicious develop is producing butter with Sago Worms. So, a lot of you might be wondering what is eco protein? Eco protein here means a sustainable source of protein. For example, crickets, grasshopper, sago worms and many more. For the solution, our team come up with the idea of making butter using sago worms which is one of the eco proteins. The sago worms that we will be using is come from the larvae of sago palm weevil or as known as Rhyn-cho-pho-rus Fer-ru-gi-nues which come the family of Cur-Q-lio-ni-dIe. To breed the sago worms, we will let the sago palm weevil breed inside the heart of sago trees and let the sago worms feed with the soft fibre inside the core of the sago palm tree. We also plan to create our own breeding “house” in a warehouse using natural products. The husk from those trees that are normally being thrown away will be used to create the same environment in the sago palm weevil to breed. Here we will get the rural/indigenous people to help breed and process it.
    So, what is the process included? 1. Cook the sago worms on a hot pan on low heat until the oil of sago worms started to come out. 2. Let the sago worms oil chill. 3. Put it into the mould to get the shape and weight that we want. 4. Let it cool in the refrigerator. To describe the taste of sago worms, the taste will be umami flavour, a little hit of sweetness, creamy and oily. For the smell, it will be similar to a young coconut husk.
    So, why is our sago worms’ butter than the regular butter? As u can see from the table our sago worms butter has a better nutrition value and lower fat. In key partners, Sagolicious have Angel Investor, Sago Worm’s Farmer, Indigenous association in Malaysia, supermarket or physical store, Restaurants, Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli (JAKOA) and NGO. We will collaborate with JAKOA in order to improve their quality of life. For example, we will work with JAKOA to teach indigenous people to breed sago worms, instead of hunting those sago worms in the forest, in order to keep sustainability.

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    • TRL Status: 2