The “New Normal” with Age Friendly Time-Banking


    Dr. Olivia Tan Swee Leng
  • Description of Invention

    National Strategic Plan on Ageing Population – Inclusion and Employment of Malaysia's Ageing Population (2018), a survey was conducted to assess senior citizens' appetite towards unpaid work and volunteerism. The study showed that only 2% of those aged 40 years old and above were interested in volunteering. Relative to international peers, volunteer participation rate (VPR) in Malaysia lies below the international average of 3% of persons aged 15 years old and above. However, it must be noted that the 2% VPR figure as previously stated for Malaysia is based on a survey conducted on persons aged 40 years old and above. By including those aged between 15 and 39 years old, Malaysia' VPR may likely be lower as younger persons typically devote less time to volunteering due to responsibilities at school and at work. As part of the recommendations put forth in the National Strategic Development Plan on Ageing Population – Inclusion and Employment of Malaysia's Ageing Population, it was proposed that Time banking be introduced to spur participation in volunteerism. Time banking represents a complementary currency-like system which acts as an incentive for citizens to volunteer their time. Time banking utilises the number of hours volunteered as a currency can be used later, to facilitate access to goods and services. The findings from this study will provide information on a comprehensive profile based on the demographic variables for participating senior citizens from Activity Centre for the Elderly, Putrajaya (Pusat Aktiviti Warga Emas, Putrajaya, PAWE) who have the potential to participate in the volunteer banking scheme after retirement, factors, issues, and problems that can influence the implementation of Time banking, a suitable mechanism to facilitate the scheme, and way forward for the Implementation of Time Bank Volunteering Schemes for the older persons in Malaysia. This project can be expended to all other 143 PAWE centres in Malaysia and each centre has approximately 150-250 members. The second project is enhancing green environment at Presinct 9 Putrajaya- Anak Sg Gajah project. Whereby the older persons from PAWE Putrajaya has participated in cleaning the Anak Sg Gajah river at Putrajaya .Each member accumulated 2-3 hours credit for the services rendered to clean the river. On top of this, a PAWE Time Bank website has been developed as a pilot and first project to execute the Timebank practice for elderly in Malaysia. This content management system is allowing the members to update their profiles and managing their time credits. The website will be dynamically expanded with the enrollment of new business models, government agency and vendors, etc. The website is endorsed by PAWE Putrajaya and Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat, and has been made available at

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