Mr. Vincent Chan
  • Description of Invention

    The “harmless” looking broken colour pencil lead has deceived many people out there for centuries.  The ""lead"" in a coloured pencil is not the same as the graphite lead typically found in regular pencils. It is comprised of 5 components: extenders (fillers), binders, pigments, wax, and water. The  2 ingredients, extenders, and binders make up the bulk of the pencil lead. Extenders, which include materials such as kaolin, talc, and chalk, play the same role as graphite in regular pencils. The binders, which include cellulose ethers and vegetable gums, bring other materials together. We normally throw them because we are not aware of the pollutions it could create. 
    We from ReColour would like to collect it and “upcycle” to create it into educational tools (eg: ABC blocks). The lead that has been collected will later be melted and moulded into alphabet blocks. A layer of epoxy will be covering the block so that it will be safe to play with by the kids. This simple business idea will give value to the environment and the indigenous kids. This is because we will adapt the buy to donate model so that these kids will get the basic tools to study.
    Package Available:
    1. Standard Educational Box: Here we will have a set of ABC blocks, a set of colour pencils and some colouring sheets
    2. Customisable Set Box: Buyer can customise the content of the box (good for a gift) eg: Happy Birthday Linda

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • TRL Status: 2