Ms. Diyana binti Abdul Mahad
  • Description of Invention

    The pandemic has disrupted the education environment as a whole. Generally, the process of teaching and learning have shifted and evolved rapidly. This new and current way of living has undeniably challenged everyone around the globe to think differently about what it means to aid one another. At EduSprout, we believe we are stronger together, which is why we are committed to doing everything we can in assisting the young learners to gain knowledge as much as they can – from introducing new contribution programs to gathering resources. As part of solidarity with the group of educators, EduSprout aims to help the business owners sustain their businesses and manage their classes in a post-COVID world. EduSprout serves as a bridge between experts and learners. At Edu-Sprout, we have revolutionized the education industry by becoming the bridge that connects the world’s best classes and experiences into one app. This teaching and learning hub serves as a one stop centre for English and Mathematics for kindergarten, primary and secondary school students. These two subjects are currently critical subjects that need great attention. Based on the Pelaporan Pentaksiran Sekolah Rendah 2019, 47.1% of students obtained D and E for Mathematics and 50.86% obtained D and E for English. As for SPM 2020 results, 43.4% of students obtained D, E & F for Mathematics, 53.7% obtained D, E and F for English (Laporan Analisis Keputusan SPM Tahun 2020). This alarming condition would undoubtedly have an impact on the nation’s younger generation to compete in the global arena.

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    • TRL Status: NA