Ts. Dr. Lim Kian Ming
  • Description of Invention

    An intelligent inventory system that provides both barcode scanning and automated serial number recognition. The key feature is the ability to recognize serial numbers that is available on almost any product packaging using Optical Character Recognition technique. Furthermore, users can perform a rich spectrum of inventory related operations. The project is also enriched with reporting tools for management purposes. Most of the contemporary inventory software relies on a barcode scanner to identify the serial number of the items. In fact, barcode scanning is only convenient to the items tagged with the barcode label. In other words, those apps are less applicable to items without a barcode label. In view of this, an Android-based mobile Inventory System with Intelligent Serial Number Recognition is proposed. Unlike existing inventory software that is strictly constrained to barcode, the proposed system scan model/serial number that is available on almost any product packaging. The proposed system deploys an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique that provides a full alphanumeric recognition of printed or handwritten characters

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • Copyrights Affirmed
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