Associate Professor Ts. Dr. Kalaiarasi A/P Sonai Muthu Sonai Muthu
  • Description of Invention

    The ever evolving social media has generated an extensive amount of user generated data. This data contains useful information such as comments, feedback and complaints. It is essential for an organization to analyze these data to get a better understanding of the performance of their products. Although there are various sentiment analysis tools in the market which are working on the said issue but none so far has been ventured into Malay language. INSIGHT is the very first of its kind. INSIGHT is a Online Malay Text Analysis Tool built from scratch Bahasa Malaysia sentiment mining tool with the purpose to mine, extract and analyse social media data. This software provides the tool to capture and understand customers especially in Malaysian context. It's a market driven data analytics tool and a solution provider for organizations, providing reliable analysis of structured and unstructured d text through our Integrated Engine and interactive dashboard for data visualization.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • Copyright Affirmed
    • TRL Status: 3