Ts. Dr. Leow Meng Chew

Description of Invention

This project aims to showcase a centralized DOOH advertising system that provides a closer interactive platform between advertisers and prospective customers. Advertisers are able to get more personalized understanding of their prospective customers by engaging them in Interactive Promotional Activities, a series of more attractive advertising interactions through the use of distributed digital signages located within a wide area. All the digital signages will be connected to one common Advertising Campaign Management System (CMS). The CMS functions as content provider for all the digital signages to monetize the signages with different ad content targeting different market segment. At the same time, the CMS also gets inputs from all the signages by having the customers interacting with the distributed signages in gamification strategy. The inputs provide a better understanding of the customers in terms of their color preferences, their perception towards the products, their agility response rate, hair color, wearing spectacles or not etc. The cloud integration enables high and fast accessibility. The advantages of the Interactive Promotional Activities are four folds. First, it provides the “word-of-mouth” personalized market infiltration by having customers recommending their friends into the campaign. Secondly, the smart hybrid demographic information compilation using built-in camera to access customer’s information provide more effective customer targeting capability. Thirdly, the time and space integrated marketing strategies allow experiential product/brand advertising. Lastly, the personalized customer behavioral profiling allows for better customer support by knowing the customers better.

Intellectual Property (IP) Status

  • Patent Filed
  • TRL Status: 5