Automated Self-Optimization Handover for Throughput Maximization in 5G Networks


    Associate Professor Dr. Mardeni Bin Roslee
  • Description of Invention

    Nowadays, increasing in wireless communication users urged the revision and development of new telecommunication technologies. The problem intend to be solved in this work is to reduce the probability of Handover performance metrics. This invention introduces a novel handover control parameter that able to automatically being optimized in accordance with user speeds for wireless 5G networks, which can provide high transmission rates and high connectivity for mobile phone user satisfaction. This invention can be commercialized with high possibility and feasible 5G network. This invention has a high impact to the telecommunication providers in Malaysia. The value Creation are it is able to save money, reduce OPEX/CAPEX, produce very simple network, better coverage, higher speed, license of IP, revenue from royalties, improve Customer satisfaction index, green communication, create new business opportunities in telecommunication, helps maximize TM’s revenue and increase sales.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • Pending
    • TRL Status: 3