3D Indoor University Map


    Ts. Dr. Goh Pey Yun
  • Description of Invention

    Map is a graphic representation of a place which marked with various information such as place of interest, transport information, dining and accommodation information. In the past, map is fixed and static which is normally print on a paper. A paper map with various kind of information will make the map being messy, complicated and hard for human to spot their current position and direction to the destination with eyes. Besides that, the current change or ad hoc situation of the real world is not shown immediately on a paper map. With the advancement of technology, more interactive and dynamic map are available to bring human from one location to another location easily and fast. However, due to privacy and confidential, indoor map for some places such as a college and a university are not available. In university, visitors or junior students always fail to locate their lecturers’ room, classroom or labs whereas for senior students, they do not have problems with classroom or labs. However, they may have problems with the lecturers’ room, especially a lecturer who is not known or taught them before. Searching an unknown location by asking someone may sometime be tedious. Annoyance is appeared when asking someone who is busy with their works (annoy the answerer); or the person is not describing the direction clearly or correctly (annoy the questioner). This will definitely increase the searching time. By using the Melaka campus of Multimedia University (MMU-MLK) as the study subject, this project is aimed to ease the problem of paper map and enable users have the digital map at their fingertips.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • Copyright Affirmed
    • TRL Status: 3