PM Tepi


    Mr. Vincent Chan
  • Description of Invention

    Due to the pandemic many "old" vendors has to stop selling because they are in the category of high risk. Many stop also because of the traffic of people coming to pasar malam has decrease drastically. SO we from PM tepi took this opportunity to help them. PM Tepi is an app platform that will help and support all the pasar malam uncle & aunty. We will digitalise the pasar malam in our platform. Our app also have interactive features like PM virtual walk. The app will also integrate geolocation in order to measure the location of vendor and user. Our revenue model is from the fee the vendors pay, affiliate marketing and user pay packages they want (premium etc). Objective of PM tepi 1. We "Payung" you -- which is referring to providing a platform that they can continue their business. 2. Your own "Payung" -- which referring to now they can continue their business at the comfort of their own home 3. PM tepi us --referring to is there is any issue just PM tepi us (message/find us)

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • Copyright Affirmed
    • TRL Status: NA