Webcam 360° Surveillance System


    Ir. Dr. Wong Wai Kit
  • Description of Invention

    Video surveillance system has attracted research interests in many engineering applications such as criminal activities detection, intrusion detection system, public health surveillance system and etc. There are few efficient wide area surveillance monitoring products available in the market currently intended to capture omnidirectional images/videos, which have a visual field that has a coverage of almost an entire sphere. One of them is by using a pan-tilt-zoom camera to capture images. A pan-tilt-zoom camera can move back and forth, up and down, and zoom to improve the viewing area but there are some disadvantages of using this camera. For example, the hardware costs are high and it requires the camera to mechanically scan multiple scenes prior to synchronizing them to obtain a single omnidirectional image. An alternative approach for wide surveillance monitoring is by using fish-eye lens. This lens provides viewing angle but it introduces distortion in the image and the image taken is not immediately understandable because of the geometric distortion. The limitation in video surveillance system is the limited viewing angle of the camera. In many conventional imaging systems. the practitioner used a number of fixed cameras or a rotating camera to improve the view point

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