Associate Professor Dr. A.S.M Mukter-Uz-Zaman
  • Description of Invention

    A water purification system which is capable of removing heavy metal from water via adsorption on nanomaterial’s without human intervention. This invention is about an autonomous water purification system capable of removing heavy metal from wafer via adsorption on graphene-oxide-sand composite and mag­ netic nano-adsorbents, and removing E..Coli bacteria with a zeolite-activated carbon. Active surface of nanomaterials is regenerated with a backwashing process autonomously-controlled by a smart system. Conventional heavy metal removal methods such as coagulation and precipitation are ineffective and expensive. Recently, the usage of nanomaterials for heavy metal removal from water has attracted research attention due to their high adsorption capacity due to large active surface area, high surface reactivity, and cost-efficient re-generable properties. Although considerable research efforts have been done to develop and optimize the heavy metal removal performance of nanomaterials, integration of the nanomaterial in a complete system for water purification purposes is still relatively rare. It is therefore important to develop a water purification syste01 that utilizes the high performance of nanomaterial in removing heavy metal from water.

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