Mr. Vincent Chan
  • Description of Invention

    Kompos.it is a social enterprise that acts as an intermediary between the solution of food waste and the source for organic produces. Kompos.it offers you a food waste management service where we collect your food waste straight from your doorstep. Next, this food waste will be converted into compost fertilizer that will be sold to small and local farmers to help them practice organic farming. We will have an online platform to sell our fertilizer and collect all of our data. The farmers also can sell their produces on our platform. This way, we help farmers to find their customers. In short, we basically creating an ecosystem that bridges the food waste source and organic farmers so that they can benefit from each other. What we creating here is a perfect cycle from waste recycling to organic farming then later to help the farmers to transition to organic farming. 
    Potential Market:
    1. Food and beverages industry (restaurant, hotel owners and caterers), farmers and people that into organic products. Restaurants, hotels, and cafes face difficulties to manage their food waste around Klang Valley area.
    2. Households or Communities who are consuming organic produces or having difficulty managing their food waste or both.
    3. Small and local farmers around Klang Valley, Pahang and Perak that practice organic farming and are interested in organic farming, and to those who may face difficulty to selling their produce.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • TRL Status: NA