Associate Professor Dr. Ooi Chee Pun

Description of Invention

PHOEBE is a female name, meaning “shining, brilliant and friendly”, it represents the original design intention of this product ---- Elderly - Centered Smart home product. PHOEBE is resembling an elderly walker but with many innovative functions such as medical reminder, lifting system, pill and water dispenser. All these innovative features able to reduce some challenges faced by the elderly in their daily life. Example such as the difficulties of transitional activities (such as sit-to-stand, stand-to-sit), doing exercise (such as walking) and taking medicine timely. The lifting system not only able to assist user sitting down and standing up but also makes the product applicable for different level of user’s height. The auto motorized lifter is stable and able to support up to the weight of an adult (80kg). The front wheel autonomous system allows PHOEBE to deliver pills and water to the elderly and it makes walking assisting possible as well (boosting by very slow speed while pushing ). PHOEBE also equipped with Electric Clutches as the emergency brake. Pill dispenser functions serve as the core part. In order to serve the elderly the best treatment, it will be connected to the clinic's patient monitoring system for medication schedule. Water dispenser function encourages seniors to drink water often.

Intellectual Property (IP) Status

  • Copyright Affirmed
  • TRL Status: NA