Professor Ir. Dr. Hairul Azhar Bin Abdul Rashid
  • Description of Invention

    Existing luminescence based dose reading techniques, such as OSL and TL do not allow for true real time measurements. For real-time measurements the luminescent signal (or any other form of signal caused by ionizing radiation's interaction with sensor) needs to be captured and read at the instant it 1s created. Such a task can be accomplished by utilizing radio luminescence (RL) signals emitted by certain materials during exposure. This requires the dosimeter sensor to be connected to a suitable photomultiplier tube at all times via an appropriate waveguide. To facilitate reliable, reproducible and accurate readings in real-time the sensing material must be able to maintain constant level of luminescence (usually quantified by photon counts) consistently at a particular dose rate. The luminescence must also be linearly proportional to changing dose rates. A fiber optic based doped silica RL dosimeter (with accompanying PC-based software) has been developed to accomplish the aforementioned task

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • Patent Granted
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    • TRL Status: 7