Ts. Dr. Siti Fatimah Binti Abdul Razak
  • Description of Invention

    Road accidents is a global tragedy, which is an ever-rising trend these days. Statistics by Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) states that contributions to road accidents in Malaysia are caused by driver behaviour, vehicle behaviour and environment behaviour. With driver behaviour stands out in the top, it is said that fatigue and reckless driving are the major reasons for road accidents in Malaysia. Real Time Driver Attentive Tool (RTDAT) provides assistance for the driver to be attentive on the road. The tool is activated once the driver starts driving and facial features of the driver are observed. In the event of fatigue and/or anger, warning is executed promptly to alert the driver. Adding into that, executed warning is recorded and sent to Cloud for future retrieval purposes besides being used to analyze and further enhance the performance of the tool. Existence of such assistance systems especially for local cars will be able to reduce accidents on Malaysian roads.

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