Electronic Lug-Nut Rim Security


    Ir. Dr. Shashikumar A/L Krishnan
  • Description of Invention

    The rate of car theft decreased over the past few years due to modern technology. Nowadays, theives aim for a car's wheel rim because it has the least security among all the parts of the vehicle and can cost up to thousand ringgit. Thus it is compulsory to enhance the security of a car's wheel rim by using our EWS. Our EWS able to effectively capable of sending warning notifications and alarming the owner when the thief tries to hijack the wheel rim is presented. Thus our EWS also can be used as vehicle wheel logger system in order to ensure the data recorded been validated by an artificial intelligence (AI) for fault detection in detecting and warning for earlier wear-tear of tyres, damaged rim and coil, works as lug nut securityt and detects pressure of tyre.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • TRL Status: 3