Air Quality Monitoring Tool for Passenger Vehicles


    Ts. Dr. Siti Fatimah Abdul Razak
  • Description of Invention

    One of the major health environmental issue is air quality. Polluted air harms human health and contributes to environmental changes such as global warming and weather fluctuations. Outdoor air quality pollution is one of the world’s biggest problems for decades. This problem is closely related to the vehicle, which is the most significant source of pollutants. Nowadays, there is a lack of technology available to the public to provide a monitoring tool for users in the vehicle context. People cannot trace or monitor the air quality their vehicle emits and also the air quality in the vehicle itself. Existing projects have been studied, and improvements have been made to ensure that the study is aligned and attainable within the scope. Our product is an air quality monitoring tool based on six types of pollutants, i.e., carbon monoxide, particle matters, ground-level ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide that can be used in a vehicle context. The tool provides vehicle users with real-time readings of the amount of pollutant from their vehicle and transmit the data to a dashboard for visualisation. If the pollutant level exceeds the safe limit, a notification will be sent to the user.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • Copyright Affirmed
    • TRL Status: 3