Ms. Anushia A/P Chelvarayan
  • Description of Invention

    TutorKAY@Home is a one stop centre for hiring physical tutors. We provide a website and apps where parents and tutor can log in to the website/apps and request for what they need. These tutors may not be qualified teachers, but more of an assistant for us during online classes. You may hire them on part time basis, based on demand. The same concept how we hire our part time maids. Our tutors are mobile, available upon request and most importantly, tech savvy. They will sit with the young kids during the online classes, help with whatever necessities needed by the kids during these sessions. And the best part is, if you do not have a laptop dedicated specially for your kids, our tutors can bring them. You need a coloured printer; our tutors can bring them. Even if you have a very bad WIFI connection at home, the tutors are able to provide you with mobile data that has the strongest connection at your home. You just need to click the item needed on our TutorKAY@Home website/apps. You may ask me, what is the difference between a tuition teacher and your tutor? Bear in mind, our tutors are not teachersÂ…they are just assisting your child to ensure the smooth flow of the online classes. And of course, to hire our tutor, is much cheaper than hiring a tuition teacher. The minimum rate is RM 10 per hour whereby 40% goes to TutorKAY@Home and 60% goes to the tutor. With our tutors, parents can have a peaceful mind at work, or even in the kitchenÂ…we now can reassure ourselves that our kids are in good hands. How does this work? You just need to go to our website/apps, you will be able to view the profiles of all our tutors. We will have a database with all the tutors registered with us. Just choose your preferred tutor, the date and time you need to hire them, add on if you need any extra services such as laptop, tablet, WIFI, etc. The next moment, you know, the tutor is at your doorstep. So, why us? Cause we are one of a kind, providing service which nobody has done before. The website/apps will have a login page. Members are parents and tutors that need to be registered in the system before being able to use the facility. The system itself will have features such as date and time required for tutor engagement, number of hours needed and add on services including laptop loan, printer, and mobile Wi-Fi. Once the request has been submitted, they will be directed to a payment gateway and once completed, our services will be rendered to the party involved based on their needs. Our system supports SDG 4 which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. With TutorKAY@Home, we can assure that nobody will be left behind as we are able to provide education for everyone right at your doorstep.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • Copyright Affirmed
    • TRL Status: 3