Telehealth for Sustainable Wellness


    Dr. Ong Lee Yeng
  • Description of Invention

    This invention intends to integrate telehealth with in-home rehabilitation to reduce health care cost, while improving access and quality of life through self-care routine. Leveraging on the basic digital devices (laptop and webcam), this is a new way to sustain wellness through telehealth by creating a more patient-centric and interconnected platform motivated by personalisation. This invention is implemented in a web-based system with the functionalities of online consultation for rehabilitation therapy, remote monitoring, online assessment and therapy personalisation. 1) Rehabilitation therapy plan is firstly created for patient to carry out inhome rehabilitation. The patient needs to stand in front of the laptop webcam to perform a series of rehabilitation exercises shown by the reference pose. The human body is detected with real-time pose detection (deep-learning framework). The posture and the angular movements are calculated during online assessment. 2) The series of exercises are auto-classified into different groups of reference pose for statistical computation. After completed each session of therapy, the performance of patient is directly evaluated and released to patient and therapist/ doctor. Advice or recommendation from therapist/ doctor can be provided to patient. 3) The recovery progress of patient is remotely monitored throughout the therapy plan. The plan can be adjusted to better fit the patient's needs. Afterwards, the patient will be notified about the updated therapy plan. 4) Both parties (doctor/therapist and patient) are able to schedule an appointment for online consultation when it is necessary.