Mr. Vincent Chan
  • Description of Invention

    OGAE is an immersive gamified block-chain based ecommerce platform that allows merchants and customers to engage in a secure virtual environment. There are two types of users in OGAE - sellers and shoppers. OGAE provides a 3D environment platform for commercial activities and this gives users a fuller and more immersive shopping experience. To use our platform, users are required to register by creating an account. OGAE allows users to customize their own avatar character based on their preferences. Users can start their journey into the virtual world once they are done with the avatar customization. OGAE consists of different themes in the virtual world such as global food fair, carnival, go-green and the like. Users can travel to any of the places in the virtual world with just one click. Just like in the real world, users can make friends with the shoppers from different places, but without having physical distance as an obstacle. Users can also enjoy the amazing view along the street which is built on top of sellersÂ’ creativity. To ensure efficient and engaging communications between sellers and shoppers, we implement live VR chat in our OGAE platform. Every specific location in the OGAE platform such as lobby and virtual shops have the live chat function enabled throughout. For sellers, they can start their business by purchasing the land property (RM100) on our platform. Sellers are given the freedom to customize every single piece of furniture in their virtual shops. Plenty of built-in templates are provided for the ease of sellers. Besides, OGAE provides product 3D modelling services for sellers to ensure the specialty of their products can be highlighted in a way that a photograph is rarely capable of doing. Sellers could tend to their customers via video calls, increasing the likelihood of customer loyalty. As good customer service could lay the foundation for a lasting relationship between consumers and sellers. Besides, we use smart contracts in our system to assure the security and trustworthiness of every transaction. Smart contracts increase the transaction's overall efficiency and transparency. OGAE token is the currency of the OGAE platform. One OGAE token is equivalent to RM1 and this token is the essential compartment that drives our blockchain system. In short, OGAE is where users can find whatever they want in one world and this world can help businesses, especially small-medium enterprises (SMEs) who are looking for a central marketplace hub with a continuous stream of consumers while being able to connect with customers effectively.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • Copyright Affirmed
    • TRL Status: 3