Eco Smart Anchovies Cleaning Machine


    Dr. Cham Chin Leei
  • Description of Invention

    Eco Smart Anchovies cleaning machine can clean anchovies in an automatic manner. This machine is targeted to assist Makcik makcik that sell nasi lemak at food stalls. The aim is to fullfill MTE SDG which could save water consumption during the cleaning process, hence preserve the enviornment. The cleaning system will automatically kick start the weighing process once user fills in anchovies into the rotary chamber. When to input door closes, an intelligent algorithm will calculate the optimal amount of water that should be pumped into the cleaning chamber. When water is filled, power is engaged and rotary chamber starts spinning. A real time pin-point camera monitors the cleaning process by capturing the image of the rotary chamber, zooming and snapping the image of anchovies through the transparent window with lighting speed. Machine learning algorithm is applied, processed by cloud computing, refining the bits and dots of the image with acute accuracy, thanks to the powerful decision making algotithm from the integration of nerural network and artificial intelligence. Once the anchovies is detected 99% clean, solenoid braking system will be turned on. The brake of the rotary chamber will be slammed and put it into a full-stop within splits of second. The valve is open, channeling off the protein-enrich water through a draining system into a recycle tank for liquid fertilizer. In this system, no single extra energy and water will be wasted. When the process cycle completes, signalling alarm will be turned on, calling the makcik nasi lemak to prepare sambal ikan bilis for the next step.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • Copyright Affirmed
    • TRL Status: 5