Digital Signage Augmented Roadshow (Disar)


    Dr. Leow Meng Chew
  • Description of Invention

    This invention aims to design and develop a new DOOH targeted marketing system that provides a bridging platform between advertisers and prospective customers. Advertisers are able to customise their advertisements according to their targeted group of customers based on a selection of physical characteristics of their facial appearance while receiving the response analysis from the engaged customers. A hybrid marketing process involving physical and digital integration with feedback mode will be able to reduce the cost of marketing and increase the impact of converting the marketing impression to actual sales. The invention consists of a cloud-based digital signage- based roadshow management system (CMS) that integrates the distributed digital signages into one centralized management. The system can be accessed from anywhere at anytime to customise the digital roadshow elements. The signages will be variably augmented with camera, microphone and touch screen grid to extend its functionality or it can be just a typical signage with screen to display dynamic content from the CMS. When the signage is first registered into the CMS, it will be paired through the web browser interface connected through the CMS. Each of these signages will then be functioning as the clients for the roadshow. The roadshow participants will first need to register themselves into the roadshow by scanning the QR code at the main station. After the registration, they will each be given a map to identify the next client to visit through the hint given. Once they are at the client signage, they will need to check in the client station by scanning another QR code at the client by clicking at the respective client icon on the map. Once checked in, they will need to complete the signage-interactions on the client station. Completing this will lead them to the subsequent station in the map. Each interaction on the station will grace them some tokens. Upon completing all the stations, the participants can redeem special gift based on the tokens they have collected. The advertising elements are embedded in the client interactions in the forms of images, video clips, sound and speech, touch or behavioural identification interactions.