Automatic Data Acquisition System For Fingerprinting Based Indoor Positioning


    Dr. Yeo Boon Chin
  • Description of Invention

    Fingerprinting based Indoor Positioning System (IPS) required to conduct site survey (data acquisition) on the selected indoor environment to obtain a fingerprint database in advance. For instance, the development of fingerprint based IPS using Wi-Fi Received Signal Strength (RSS) requires an initial site survey to obtain the Wi-Fi RSS fingerprint from the available Wi-Fi signals detected in the indoor environment. This is a lengthy process that requires a large amount of time and manpower if manually commissioned. One popular approach to obtaining a fingerprint database is by automate the data acquisition process. The available solution to automate data acquisition uses Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) robot with a mounted data acquisition device. However, SLAM robot has high hardware requirement and employs a complex algorithm in order to update its estimated current coordinate with high accuracy. Despite this, its estimated current coordinate suffers from having accumulative errors. The invention presented an automatic surveying system that utilizes tiled floor characteristics to realize automatic data acquisition. The automatic surveying system consists of a server, a WLAN, and an Automatic Surveyor. The Automatic Surveyor is capable of self-update its current coordinate whenever a grout joint is detected and self-navigating in a selected indoor environment following the surface grout.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • Patent Filed
    • TRL Status: 5