A Multifunctional Stepladder For The Elderly And Caregivers


    Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Ng Poh Kiat
  • Description of Invention

    The multifunctional stepladder is a device comprising four functions, namely a stepladder, a walker, a wheelchair, and a Pilates chair. This invention can be used by elderly people as well as elderly caregivers in nursing homes. The stepladder helps caregivers to retrieve medical records, medications, or other items from high places without having to use unsuitable aids (such as stools or chairs). The rigidity of the stepladder is controlled by lockable wheels at the base of the stepladder, and foldable support feet at the base of the second step. The invention can be converted into a Pilates chair to provide older people with an alternative to an active life, wherever they are. The second step is a flexible step controlled by springs used for the function of the Pilates chair. When the function of the Pilates chair is needed, the flexibility of the second step creates some resistance when the user moves the step up and down with their feet for exercise purposes. The foldable support foot serves as a stopper that counteracts the flexibility of the second step when the stepladder function is needed. The stepladder function is interchangeable with the functions of a walker and a wheelchair, making the caregiver's work more efficient and comfortable. The handles can be adjusted to different user heights, making it easier to use the wheelchair and walker functions. The walking aid works similarly to a walking aid with wheels. The invention is priced between RM 900 and RM 1200, making it twice as affordable as competing products. The multifunctional attribute, which combines four functions in one device, not only saves costs but also space. The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is TRL 3, and a patent has been filed for possible collaborations.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Status

    • Patent Filed
    • TRL Status: 3